Calling in the cleaners!

I’ll admit this here in my anonymity – I am not a very house proud person. I can handle living with a bit of mess around me and I don’t expect everything to be sparkly clean all of the time.

But things are changing and it might just be time to call in a cleaning company to make sure my pad is presentable at least some of the time. You see, I have a new girlfriend and while she isn’t the type to go OTT on the cleaning, when she visits my flat, I do feel a sense of dread at what she might come across.

I mean, sure, I should just be open and say that that’s who I am, but at the same time I don’t want to put her off completely. The few times she has been round so far, I’ve frantically gone round and tidied up and ensured that the most important areas (the kitchen and bathroom) are fairly clean.

But I just don’t enjoy doing this. I can’t envisage keeping this up because, for me at least, cleaning isn’t a very pleasurable experience.

I’ve done my research online and I’ve spoke to one or two companies near me and my chosen company is called Can Do Cleaning Services. So far they’ve only been round once, just a few days ago in fact, and the result was really quite outstanding.

Because this was their first visit, I told them to spend as much time as they needed to get the place looking spotless. Amazingly though, they were in and out in just over 2 hours. I don’t know how long it would have taken me to achieve the same finish but certainly double that and then some.

I guess this is one of the reasons why people hire cleaners in the first place – they can do things so much quicker than you can. And because of this, it doesn’t cost you nearly as much as you’d expect. From here on out, I’ve got them booked in for 1 hours cleaning every 10 days and I think this will be more than enough to maintain a decent standard in my flat. I won’t say how much I’m paying for this but you can rest assured that it’s way less than I envisaged it to be when I started out on my search.

Basically, for the price of a night down the pub, I can enjoy a clean and tidy home where I’d happily bring my girlfriend. You can’t really argue with that can you?

So, yeah, if you like in the area around Bexley or Bexleyheath, I can highly recommend Can Do for your cleaning needs. They are super friendly and will answer any questions you have.